Monday, October 20, 2014

Hitting reset...

Well... STL Rock N  Roll came and went, I opted not to run. It was a little disappointing, but seeing/reading/hearing about so many people that did run was nice!

So now what? I won't lie, I have been a little less than motivated as of late. I think my body is/was due for a little break. With the winter months coming and less than predictable weather, It will definitely be time to hit the cross training. I will still keep up with my running, probably down to 3 days per week, but the runs will also allow a break from pushing so hard on running that my body is exhausted. Nutrition will also come into focus, especially since our kitchen is nearing completion!

Its also a good time to set my goals for next year. I know I will run in our local Frostbite festival, especially because my son wants to run the 2 miler with me! I am kinda excited about that, since he did the 9/11 Heroes Run and was so proud of his effort, which he should be! As of now, I will do the Fight for Air Climb in February, run the Lincoln Presidential Half in April, Maybe Chicago Rock N Roll half in July again(?),  State Fair 2 Miler, Abe's Amble, and St. Louis Rock N Roll half... maybe full... I have the bug to do a full, just not sure next year is the year!

In the meantime, I know where to focus, not only to meet those goals, but also to get better and better each time. I am also starting a 6 week fitness challenge group, in early November. If you're interested, get in touch with me and we can discuss the requirements to join! 

Happy Running,

Friday, October 3, 2014

Forgoing an attempt... part 2

So last week (or maybe the week before), I decided I was not running the STL RnR half... Well this week I got my "final information" email regarding all the normal stuff. Well, upon confirming my entry, I found out I was in corral 3! Corral 3! I was in corral 9 last year! Hell, I was in corral 7 this summer!

Ugh! Now I almost feel like I have to run because of that placement! I don't know what corral 3 would transpire to as far as overall time for me, with my lack of long runs, but part of me thinks its worth giving it a shot!

What to do, what to do! If packet pickup was available the morning of the race, I would totally drive down and see what happens...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Forgoing an attempt...

Well, as I was working away in our kitchen - demolition that is - I knew I had to get a long run in. That long run never came. I was okay with it though, as I knew the work in my house needed done. But that long run was also needed to be anywhere near prepared for the St. Louis Rock N Roll Half marathon in October.

My body has been EXHAUSTED lately. Not mentally exhausted, just beat. I have had a few runs since our move, but we are living in such disarray right now with remodels going on that I cannot get a good routine. After suffering a nagging injury early this year and then pushing to get back for the Presidential half, then Chicago, and then Abe's Amble, I found myself becoming run down (no pun intended)!

Now with the move and remodel, I have not had any routine at all in getting my long runs in. I was at first determined to get them in and be ready for STL, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could be risking another winter with injury! So rather than risk that, I figured deferring until next year was the better option. I will still focus and prepare for the next run - whatever that is - but I also won't hurt those chances by running ill -prepared... I will break 1:45 for my half time. Plus there is that 26.2 distance that will probably happen - someday, sometime - just don't know when.

On a side note, the first ever 9/11 Heroes Run in Springfield was held on 9/7. We had almost 250 runners! I cannot say how incredibly proud I am to have been a part of it and see so many people come out and help us honor the fallen. The comments, the support, everything has been overwhelming and I learned so much along the way! It was truly and incredible experience and I look forward to next year (already).


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Well, we got moved... I took about 10 days off from running, not necessarily on purpose, but there was no time on certain days over the past week and a half. I did however get my first run in at the new house! It was a good solid run, a little rough though with how sore I was (still am) from moving and working on some remodeling already! I kind of expect this to continue for a while!

On a great note for August, I completed Abe's Amble with a goal to beat last years time and hopefully come in under 50 minutes... My initial check was that I came in at 50:06.. I was not thrilled, especially because I had to walk for a minute because of a side cramp (which has NEVER happened)! However, when I went back and looked, my chip time was actually 49:59, yes ONE second under goal... While I would have loved to blow 50 minutes out of the water, the reality is, I beat my goal!

On another positive note, we re nearing race day for the FIRST EVER 9/11 Heroes Run in Springfield. I am happy to say we are near 100 runners! I encourage you to go sign up now!  Go here -

This will be an amazing event fro Springfield and all those involved, not to mention, we are working on some stuff for year two already! Get signed up now!



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back into the swing of things!

There has been a lack of posts, because quite frankly there has been a lack of activity. I took a self imposed week off after Chicago and then ran sparingly for another week. It was much needed after really training and pushing for 20+ weeks to complete 2 half's after an injury. It felt good, it felt nice, but in all honesty, I am ready to get back and re-focus. I learned a lot from this past year of running and know where and how I can improve.

I am also REALLY excited because we are moving from our current city back to Springfield, near an AMAZING park! My current area is nice, but I can tell you with certainty how far certain spots are from my house, how long a certain run would take at a given pace, the distance around my town - which was not conducive to training. Now I am close to a great park and can access so many different terrains, etc from my new location. I am excited to see how that impacts my training. But the element of the unknown is also going to fun. Just running to run and cover distance will be a great benefit without passing certain landmarks that I know are 1.5, 2.7, 3.6, etc from my house.

Next up for me is Abe's Amble - a really challenging 10K course put on by our local road runners club. (See the link out on the right). I ran this last year really as my first race (other than a 2 mile race) and came in at 54:46 which really pushed me at the time. A few months later I bettered that time by 4 minutes at another 10K. I am hoping to PR, but also want to focus on enjoying the run too. After that it will be back to half training for October. I return to the St. Louis Rock N Roll half which my first one ever. Knowing the course will be a big advantage for me this year and I WILL be pushing for a PR at that course!

The 9/11 Heroes Run will be in there as well in early September! If you haven't signed up yet, you NEED to do so soon! Go here -

Also, I love Runkeeper and their blog, which I was featured on recently (for a second time!) - check that out here -

Cheers & Happy Running

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Race recap Chciago!

Rock N' Roll Chicago was a blast! While my time was not at all what I wanted, the course was a lot of fun and running for more than myself was something words cannot describe! I also got to see an old friend at the starting line, and we ran for short bit, which was nice, but I started on a mission! This was my first event where I ran for Team Travis and Brendan. I saw many people looking at the front of my shirt and then checking out the back to see what it was all about. On the course I saw a few people who gave thumbs up to the shirt and one person who even said "great cause"! How can you not be excited about something like that?

The best part was not on the course though. When I was walking to find my family, a girl came up and asked if I knew Travis or Brendan. My response was that I did not (because I did not have the honor of knowing them). However, my life long friend Carlo served with Travis and he is the one who got me involved in the 9/11 Heroes Run.
We spoke for a few minutes about the 9/11 Heroes Run, then I asked if she knew either of them. She said her family knew the Looney family really well. She said she had run the half marathon too and that her family had flown up from Atlanta for it. She said her mom (I think) said there was actually a fallen soldier on board whose body was being returned to the family on their flight. Even coming off a post race high, this hit me. It was so extremely powerful to hear that and have it all come full circle as to why I decided to run for Team Travis and Brendan. We also discussed the book - Brothers Forever - and we talked about how great of a story it tells for Travis and Brendan. She thanked me for running and supporting a great cause, to which I said it was my honor to do so!

I knew I was running for something more, but hearing the words "thank you" made it so much more. I ran for a cause before and did not have the connection I felt with this race. So while there were no PR's for me, I can say this is something I felt immense pride in doing.

As far as my goals, October is the next half, with almost certain colder weather! 1:45 will happen at some point, that is for sure.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I have a little more than 10 days till Chicago RnR! I am excited about the course and hopefully a time better than my last one... because ultimately, I am my competition and biggest critic! After my last long run Sunday, my legs were shot, but a solid run this morning helped get past that soreness. Only a few runs left, mostly short ones, and plenty of foam rolling and stretching before then.

What are some of your routines for leading up to race day?

Interested in taking your running to the next level? Be sure to check out my link on the right about TeamBBRunners!

I have also been hard at work on the 9/11 Heroes Run in Springfield! We have really ramped up our promotion and marketing and are working on bringing on some additional sponsors. Registrations are coming in and it seems to be going well. I think we will have a really decent turn out for a first year event. Trying to be realistic in my expectations, but at the same time know how supportive this community is in regards to great causes!

Here is a quick 30 second - yes, you have 30 seconds of time - PSA about the run:

Also, some answers to questions I have seen come in (i posted these on Facebook already, but for those who are not on Facebook):

1. Is it only for runners? No, walkers are welcome too! There is no requirement that you must run!

2. Jogging strollers? Yep! We accept those too... We would love to see families involved in the event! And no, those kids in strollers don't need a bib, at least a numbered one! 

3. How do I sign up to volunteer? There will be a big push in a couple weeks about volunteers and how you can be involved. We WILL need volunteers on race day for MANY parts of the event!

4. Awards? Yep, we have those too! As long as you are registered before 8/31, you will get a shirt and race memorabilia. We will also have age group awards and top male/female awards! Depending on how many people sign up, your odds could be good for any of those! We will also have some other prizes too!

5. 1M run? Not this year... but don't worry, we WILL be back and we WILL have a 1M fun run to get more kids involved! My kids loved running in races at Disney and this is a great opportunity to have them run, but also get them involved with a great cause! 

Here is the link to sign up: